A new word – and you heard it here first in Norfolk!

Ruth in the shop at HoltRetropolitan. A word first used by Ruth Northway’s husband Mark as he looked at the Glory Days shop in Holt on its opening day recently. “I don’t think the word existed until that moment” laughs Ruth, who explains that it is “The basic colours of Neopolitan ice cream, with a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands on top, and a dose of nostalgia thrown in for good measure”. And there does have to be a word for that!

Ruth was brought up in a shop environment – indeed her family still run the Post Office in Reepham. “I used to love looking and playing in the shop – seeing new things come in and wishing my friends and I could have the lovely things which were on the shelves”.

The shop at Holt.So it was small wonder that all those experiences would eventually come out in the form of her own shop. Glory Days originally opened in Norwich “There is a different feel in the city – Holt is the perfect location as North Norfolk provides so much more inspiration. It gives people a feeling of space and time, so the shop is perfectly placed here. The vastness of the sky and the brightness of the sun does provide inspiration towards a look that is quintessentially Norfolk”

Glory Days - Holt - NorfolkOver the years, Ruth has developed an eye for recreating themes which evoke memories. First it was with painted furniture: “ There is something so warm and secure about the possessions we have and see about us when we are young. It’s remembering the types of furniture, small things dotted around houses – radios, toys, and even practical things”. Glory Days is immediately retro, with a look and feel familiar to anyone brought up in the 1960s and 70s.

Colour is the predominant theme as Ruth explains: “I love colour – it means so much. We’ve tried to create somewhere which will put a smile on faces as soon as people walk in. Yellows for sunshine, pinks and reds for warmth, and blue for the sea”.

Vintage Tea Cups and SaucesIt’s not just the new retro items which appeal. Hidden amongst the brand new retro items on display are vintage teacups and saucers, and other carefully selected collectors pieces -you’ll even find a miniature statue of Queen Victoria peering out at you.

Scottie Dog LampAmong the items proving popular are Scottie dog lamps, beautifully packaged sweets from Hope & Greenwood, funky bicycle baskets, saucy cupcake girls, and a variety of handmade goods from Norfolk. “I have tried to make sure the products we sell are very individual. That has meant plenty of research, and a willingness to source from far and wide to create the Glory Days look”

The beautiful giftwrapping in colourful tissue, tied up in bakers twine is also what you get with every goodie.

 It all certainly put a smile on our face!

Opening Times

Opening Times

OPENING TIMES (subject to change - in busy periods we may be open seven days a week - please phone to check)

TUESDAY:            10am – 5pm

WEDNESDAY:    10am – 5pm

THURSDAY:         10am – 5pm

FRIDAY:               10am – 5pm

SATURDAY:         10am – 5pm

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